Thursday, September 5, 2013

20 Different Ways to be 20 -20 Champs

Good on ya Mate! Good on ya Mate!

A literal translation of what it means is here below:
A term used by Aussie's to express a job well done. Aussie slang for "Thanks" or any other gratitude

To me, I am mirroring both those meanings to the leader and the team members who have scripted a dramatic turn around of things to happen and that script would have put any Bollywood writer to shame. I am echoing thoughts of a million more Deccan Chargers' fans to thank the Australian legend, legends rather, Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds.

I am not a great admirer of the 20-20 format of the game. Because I always felt and perhaps still feel that the aesthetic value of the game of cricket is being lost. Cricket played in whites appeals a bit more to me than cricket played amidst cheer leaders and a lot of glamor and commercial quotient. But this is just me and my thoughts. But on the flip side of the coin, there are more people who are drawn to the grounds, there are many international players and legends who are signed up and it is exciting to see more and more people coming into the grounds, with their families, young and old, to watch the games. This only conveys that Cricket is fast emerging as a family entertainer.

Cricket purists like me will not agree to this idea though we continue to endorse the 20-20 form the game from an ability of a batsman to clear the field and the ability of a bowler to circumvent the batsman's capability. Thats the chord with which we strike.

I began with a premise Thanking the entertainers. It was a nerve wracking tournament for who all watched it, particularly the last 3 games.
Here is the final catastrophe, Deccan chargers finished at the bottom of the table last year in 2008, this year they ended at the top of the table, winning the championship. I have studied the transformation and I have 20 reasons why the DC emerged championships this year. Take a look.

1. Adam Gilchrist:
I am in awe of this legendary Australian player and his magnanimous deeds on and off the field. What sportman and what a spirit he would inculcate amongst the team members, not just among them but his sportsmanship is contagious to the opponents as well. Naming Adam Gilchrist as the leader of the team was a very strong decision taken by the franchise and everyone would agree to that at the end of the first 4 games in IPL2009.

He emerged as the leading scorer for the team this year and he is also rewarded as the MVP for the 2009 season. Quite rightly so. Adam is a big match player. He reserves his best only for the most appropriate of situations. Remember what he had done in the 2003, 2007 world cup finals? He simply tore away the opposition. Although he didnt tear away Anil Kumble, he returned with a shrewd brain and tactical impetus to emerge as a winner. Talk about tear-away, just chew the cud on the 35 ball 85 he made against the Delhi team. Sehwag was put to shame. The ball just disappeared.

2. Andrew Symonds
The DC had the luxury of having Andrew Symonds for most of the season. There is something about the Australians and that seems, in sports, that these guys are not made on this planet. Th way they play and intimidate the opposition. He is one mountain of a guy in terms of confidence, in terms of the ability to clear the ground and his golden arm, that produces the result for a captain when in need. It sure happened in the final, when Adam Gilchrist tossed the ball to Symo and he produced 2 of the best possible deliveries from his kitty to remove the most happening NZ player, Ross Taylor and the infant, Virat Kohli. Symo also lashed his tongue at the young opener Manish Pandey and put him to rest as long as he was at the crease. Some may call it sledging, but everything is fair in love, war and 20-20. Symo clearly sent out a message to Andrew Hildich, the chairman of selectors, Cricket Australia, that he is still a force to reckon with in the Ashes. Adam Gilchrist has so much faith in Symo, they both have played for almost a decade in the same Australian team and they are not used to losing. So much so that Adam simply could not find a place for the Dwayne Smith in the side as soon as Symo arrived. Dwayne has been winning matches for us both with the ball and the bat. Take a bow Symo.

3. Darren Lehmann

There is something about Australians, I repeat. Darren is the head coach of the Deccan Chargers, he was made incharge at the behest of Adam. He also brings in a lot of luck! He was with Rajasthan Royals last year and they won the cup and this year he is with DC and I am sure the franchise owners, Mr. Reddy would not allow Darren Lehmann to go into any other franchise forever. The thing about him is his tactical genius. He is ever cool even in the disastrous situations. He would just allow things to turn around. He did make possibilities and thats why our campaign started on a winning note. He simply said, we are improving, we are a lot better than last year because we have won more games. But he didnt allow complacency to get into any member of the side.

4. VVS Laxman

Most people think, VVS Laxman is not fit to be in the 20-20 side. I think the same, but let me put in a way that people should digest the fact. His maturity as a cricketer and as a human surfaces right from the scheme of things which paved the way for the formation of DC as one of the franchises. He quit to be the icon player for the franchise and made way for Andrew Symonds. He created that opportunity. That shows his heart. Pretty soon in 2009 (also for 2008) he understood that he may not fit into the team dynamics when it comes to playing the 20-20. So he warmed the bench for most of the season and thus gave opportunities for the younger lot, and they havent proved wrong. T Suman, his replacement, soon became one of the reliable hitters that Adam Gilchrist can turn to whenever there was a quick drop of wickets at the start. Also he is a fantastic fielder and chips in with economic spells. Something that VVS doesnt have in his bag of tricks. But it will take an age for Suman to develop the heart of VVS and also inculcate VVS' play. VVS is an unmatchable player with immense talent at the 50 over format and at the test level. Ask Steve Waugh. Steve Waugh and Warne still wake up in the middle of the night, remembering the innings that VVS played against them in 2001.

VVS also gave up the captaincy for the team's cause. I am still proud of VVS as a cricketer and as a person and his accoplishments are something I will cherish until I die.

5. Herschelle Gibbs

Adam Gilchrist's second fiddle. The one problem with him is that he is not consistent enough. But he replicates Jonty Rhodes on the field